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Mobile friendly websites are becoming an essential asset for web savvy businesses. Mobile website usage will overtake all other forms by 2014. Is your website ready?

Given the rapid rise of smartphones and tablets, smart businesses are coming to realise that many more customers accessing their website on hand held devices are not receiving an optimal experience.

A visitor who is presented with a website intended for a full screen needs to pinch and zoom and swipe their way around just to navigate. If you're failing to cater for mobile devices, then you're potentially alienating an ever increasing audience.

Building a mobile website doesn't have to be hard. 

Many website owners think a mobile site requires separate content, more administration and delivers a sub-par user experience. And some approaches to this dilemma offer exactly that.

Enter 'Responsive Design'.

It's a term used for crafting a website using CSS 3 technology called media queries that determine the dimensions of the browser window and can modify content accordingly.

When you visit a website on a mobile device that has been created according to responsive design principles (such as the Cloud and Code website), you'll find that the content will collapse and adapt to the smaller viewport. The smartphone is served the same content as a desktop computer, but adapts to suit the smaller screen. If you're viewing our site on a desktop machine, try reducing the width of your browser (you'll need a CSS 3 compatible browser to do so). Clever, huh?

Now's a great time to keep ahead of the curve.

Responsive design is a relatively new approach to delivering content on mobile devices, so isn't now a good opportunity to keep ahead of your competition? Contact us for more information or submit a no obligation quote application form.

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